Sailor Moon Reward Information (On A Finances)

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I’ve been dwelling my greatest 90’s life currently, and that features a renewed obsession with Sailor Moon. In the present day, we’re going to check out items for the Sailor Moon fanatic in your life. As a result of inflation is bonkers, we’re additionally gonna hold you on a funds. Try these Sailor Moon items for below $30 on Etsy!

SPOILER ALERT: There’s even a funds binder for every of the Sailor Guardians! The place private finance and fandom meet. You’ll want to hold scrolling till you see it!

Sailor Moon Nails

Whether or not you need decals or press ons, there’s not scarcity of Sailor Moon nail choices.

Sailor Moon Nail Decals

Sailor moon nail decals with Serena, Luna, Queen Serenity, etcWorth: $6.29
Get it from: Markynail

Bling Drill Sailor Moon Nails

Pink press on nails with sailor moon symbol charms attached.Worth: $16.87
Get it from:


Sailor Moon Wigs

Is your giftee huge into cosplay? You’ll be able to’t go unsuitable with a Sailor Moon wig. And so they’re extra reasonably priced than it’s possible you’ll initially suppose. Try these choices below $30.

Sailor Moon Cosplay Wig

Blonde wig for Tsukino Usagi cosplayWorth: $29.45
Get it from:

Rini/Chibiusa Wig

Pink wig rini style chibiusa styleWorth: $29.34
Get it from:


Sailor Moon Earrings

For cosplay or on a regular basis use. Whether or not you’re combating evil by moon mild or becoming a member of up with the Spectre Sisters. Sailor Moon earrings for everyone — even in case you’re on a funds!

Sailor Saturn Earrings

Sailor Saturn Earrings for Sailor Moon cosplay. Beautiful, prism like pennants.Worth: $16.00
Get it from: StarBucketDesigns

Koan Earrings

Black earrings in the fashion of Koan from Sailor Moon (aka wicked lady aka black lady)

Worth: $25.00
Get it from:

Tuxedo Masks Items Underneath $30

Oh, Darien! You appear far more problematic once I watch the previous seasons in 2023, but you stay iconic.

Tuxedo Masks Enamel Pins

Two tuxedo mask enamel pins held in the palm of a hand. One is normal colors, one is faded pastels. Worth: $10.00
Get it from: MidnightMoonPins

Classic Tuxedo Masks Doll

Tuxedo Mask clip-on figurine, in original box. Text reads: "Ages 4 & Up Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Collectible Clip-On IRWIN"

Worth: $10.95
Get it from: WrenLane

Sailor Moon Eye Shadow

Transfer over Colourpop! This eye shadow is nice for cosplay — and it’s reasonably priced. TBH there’s a few these I’m tempted to check out for on a regular basis use, too.

Colourpop Alternative. Glitterly cosplay Sailor Moon eye shadow for Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.

Worth: $16.00
Get it from: Yinnabelle


Sailor Moon Nightlight

This night time mild is absolutely the cutest. It does ship from Canada, so give your self a lead time in your order of at the very least 10 days. (E.g., if you need it in time for Christmas, I’d scoop it up by December 14 on the absolute newest.)

Sailor Moon nightlightWorth: $26.66
Get it from:


Sailor Mars Choker Necklace

The 90s child in me would purchase this for on a regular basis use. But additionally, additional cosplay factors for Rei.

red velvet sailor mars necklace with gold metallic star in the centerWorth: $15.00
Get it from: MamiMooni


Sailor Moon Cat Planter

Luna, Artemis, and Diana ALL make their look with these planters that double as pencil holders. Which Sailor Moon sidekick would you select?

Sailor Moon mini cat planters. Diana is the only one actually being used as a planter. Artemis and Luna are being used as pencil holders.Worth: $11.99
Get it from: HoneydabCo



Not LEGO Sailor Moon Minifigs

These technically aren’t LEGO minifigs, however they’re so shut that you might’ve fooled me. You’ll be able to select from the next Sailor Moon minifigs from FigMasters — all of them are a mere $2.49/every:

  • Sailor Moon
  • Sailor Jupiter
  • Sailor Mercury
  • Sailor Venus
  • Sailor Neptune
  • Sailor Uranus

Image of Sailor Moon minfigs from an online shop. Top row L to R: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus. Second row L to R: Sailor Neptune, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon. Last row L to R: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Pluto Finances Binder

WUT?!?! It’s serendipitous but it surely’s true: There exists on this world a collection of Sailor Moon funds binders. Whereas I’m keen on Sailor Pluto, there’s one for every of the Sailor Guardians. Inclusion of the garnet rod FTW.

Red budget binder with black, glittery lettering that reads "Sailor Guaridan Pluto Est 1991" You can also see her garnet rod and the astrological glyphs for the 8 planets in our solar system other than Earth.Worth: $27.00
Get it from: SirensTailCreation


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