16 “As Seen On TV” Merchandise That Had been Positively Not Value The Cash

1. The Banana Slicer

The Banana Slicer


Marketed as a fast and simple answer for slicing bananas, the Banana Slicer didn’t impress. The gadget’s inflexible form typically didn’t match completely different banana sizes or curves, rendering it much less efficient than a easy kitchen knife. Moreover, cleansing the slicer turned out to be extra tedious than washing a knife, and it added pointless muddle to kitchen drawers.

2. The Eggstractor

The EggStractor


The Eggstractor was meant to make peeling hard-boiled eggs a breeze, however it fell in need of its promise. As an alternative of neatly peeling the egg, it typically ended up crushing it, leaving customers with a kitchen mess. The gadget additionally required the eggs to be at an ideal boiling level and temperature to work, which was an extra problem.

3. The HD Imaginative and prescient Sun shades

The HD Vision Sunglasses


These sun shades have been marketed as providing high-definition readability, promising to revolutionize how customers see the world. Sadly, they did little greater than a daily pair of tinted sun shades. Clients discovered no important visible enhancement, and plenty of famous the sun shades felt flimsy and cheaply made.

4. The Shake Weight

Shake Weight


The Shake Weight, a dumbbell-like health instrument, was marketed as a revolutionary option to tone arms and higher physique muscle groups. Nonetheless, it grew to become infamous for its suggestive movement and restricted effectiveness. Customers discovered that it supplied minimal resistance in comparison with conventional weights, and the train vary was too restricted to supply any important health advantages. Moreover, its awkward design made it impractical for a severe exercise routine, main many to query its worth as a health instrument.

5. The Pasta Boat

The Pasta Boat


This microwave pasta cooker was speculated to simplify the pasta-making course of, however it typically resulted in inconsistently cooked pasta. Customers discovered that it was no faster than boiling pasta in a pot, and cleansing the Pasta Boat was extra troublesome than cleansing a standard pot. Moreover, the scale of the Pasta Boat restricted the quantity of pasta that might be cooked, making it impractical for bigger meals.

6. The Ped Egg

Ped Egg


The Ped Egg, a handheld gadget for eradicating calluses, appeared like a handy answer for foot care. Nonetheless, customers discovered that it was much less efficient than conventional pumice stones or foot information. The gadget typically grew to become clogged, making it messy and troublesome to wash, and the blades dulled rapidly.

7. The Snuggie



The Snuggie, a blanket with sleeves, grew to become a cultural phenomenon however was not as sensible as marketed. Whereas it supplied some heat, the one-size-fits-all design was cumbersome and didn’t swimsuit everybody. Moreover, the fabric was typically skinny and never as cozy as anticipated, diminishing its worth as a consolation merchandise.

8. The ShamWow

Sham Wow


This super-absorbent towel promised to outperform common towels in cleansing up spills. Nonetheless, many purchasers discovered that it wasn’t as absorbent as marketed and rapidly grew to become oversaturated. The towel additionally had an inclination to emit a foul odor after a number of makes use of and required particular washing directions, which was inconvenient.

9. The Bumpits



Bumpits have been hair volumizing inserts designed to create the proper volumized coiffure effortlessly. Nonetheless, customers typically discovered them troublesome to make use of, they usually didn’t keep securely in place, resulting in less-than-stellar hairdos. Furthermore, the plastic materials felt uncomfortable and might be seen by the hair, making the general look unnatural and cumbersome.

10. The Sticky Buddy

The Sticky Buddy


This reusable lint curler promised to be a sustainable answer for selecting up pet hair and lint. Customers discovered that whereas it did decide up some particles, it misplaced its stickiness rapidly and was troublesome to wash completely. Moreover, it was much less efficient on sure materials, making it much less versatile than conventional lint rollers.

11. The Slap Chop

The Slap Chop


The Slap Chop was designed to be a time-saving chopping instrument for varied components. Nonetheless, it typically received jammed, particularly with harder greens, and was difficult to wash. The blades additionally dulled rapidly, decreasing its effectivity over time.

12. The Turbo Snake

The Turbo Snake


Marketed as a easy instrument to unclog drains, the Turbo Snake was not as efficient as hoped. It struggled with severe clogs and was solely helpful for very minor blockages. Many customers discovered it to be flimsy and never sturdy for repeated use.

13. The Ab Circle Professional

The Ab Circle Pro


The Ab Circle Professional was a health gadget promising to assist customers obtain toned abs with minimal effort. Nonetheless, many discovered that it supplied little to no impression on their belly muscle groups. The gadget additionally had sturdiness points, with many customers reporting it broke or wore out rapidly.

14. The Mighty Putty

The Mighty Putty

Mighty Putty was marketed as a robust adhesive able to fixing a wide range of objects. Customers discovered that it didn’t maintain as strongly as promised and was troublesome to mould and form. The putty additionally had a restricted shelf life, typically drying out earlier than it might be totally utilized.

15. The Aqua Globes

The Aqua Globes


Aqua Globes have been designed to routinely water vegetation as wanted. Sadly, they typically both overwatered or under-watered the vegetation, and the glass design made them fragile and vulnerable to breaking. Customers discovered common watering to be extra dependable.

16. The Aluma Pockets

The Aluma Wallet


The Aluma Pockets was touted as a sturdy and safe different to conventional wallets. Nonetheless, customers reported that it scratched simply and the clasp mechanism broke rapidly. The pockets additionally didn’t provide as a lot house as a daily pockets, limiting its usefulness.

The Takeaway: Purchaser Beware

Buyer Beware


These “As Seen on TV” merchandise, whereas promising comfort and innovation, remind us that not all that glitters is gold. When contemplating such objects, it’s necessary to analysis and browse critiques to gauge their true effectiveness. Whereas some merchandise might certainly provide options, others may change into extra of a gimmick than a assist. Keep in mind, knowledgeable buying choices can save each cash and disappointment. Let’s maintain a discerning eye as we navigate the attractive world of TV-advertised merchandise.

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